Why consider a career in real estate?
            Real Estate sales provide an opportunity to run your own business with a minimum amount of up-front cost. The idea of flexible hours can be a huge incentive, plus most people like the idea of not having a limit placed on the amount of income they can earn.

            Becoming a real estate agent takes dedication and support. It requires long hours, but can be a highly rewarding career. 

To start, the Louisiana Real Estate Commission requires that you must:
• Be at least 18 years of age.

• Have obtained a high school diploma or equivalency certificate (GED).

• Complete 90 hours of real estate education in courses approved by the  Louisiana Real Estate Commission

• Pass the real estate salesperson licensing examination.

• Provide a criminal background history

• Select a Broker who you would like to affiliate with (Sponsoring Broker).

How do I get business?

            We'll provide Marketing and Social Media solutions for attracting Buyers and Sellers.

  •  Provide guidance and assistance to sellers and buyers in marketing and purchasing properties for the right price under the best terms.
  • Determine clients’ needs and financial abilities to propose solutions to them.
  •  Perform comparative market analysis to estimate property value.
  •  Prepare necessary paperwork (Leases, Purchase Agreements, etc.).
  •  Maintain and update listings of available properties.
  •  Remain knowledgeable about real estate markets and best practices.

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